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Machines | Fruit silos

  • High silo (bolted assembly) made of hot-dip galvanized steel.

    High silo (bolted assembly) made of hot-dip galvanized steel.

    All silo components are made of stainless steel.
    The silo is ventilated and, being made of stainless steel, is guaranteed to provide hygienic storage. Sorting facilities are also available for use when filling and emptying, and fruit can be extracted at any point along the entire length of the silo. Thanks to its modular design, the silo can accommodate additional extensions. If it needs to be moved to another site, it can be dismantled and rebuilt without difficulty and construction costs are modest.

    High silo parts:
    High silo, discharge belt (length 23 m), distributor belt with flap, loading belt for transport vehicles.

    length 23 m / width 4 m / height 4.5 m, depending on customers' requirements.
    Volumetric capacity:
    approx. 2400 x 50 kg of fruit, divided into 5 boxes.